Held in conjunction with:

21th International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing

São Paulo - Brazil
October 28 - 31, 2009


The goal of the Latin American Grid (LAGrid) workshop is to act as a forum for technical presentations of ongoing research, development and relevant activities in the area of Grid Infrastructures, Services and Applications, in the context of and/or in partnership with Latin America. The event focuses on bringing together researchers and professionals actively working in this field, promoting multi-institutional collaborations between groups of diverse competences.

The LAGrid workshop gives particular attention to the Grid deployment initiatives in Latin America and the challenges they face as regards the distribution of and efficient access to scarce compute, storage and communication resources in this continent. Discussions and studies about new application areas and the potential impact of Grid technology in Latin America are also of main interest. Authors are therefore particularly encouraged to submit reports about their experiences in deploying Grid Infrastructures, Services and Applications.


Wednesday, October 28th 2009

10:45AM - 12:15PM

Invited Position Papers
  • GoStorm: A New Platform Driven to Scale-out Environments
    André Eberle, Gustavo Frainer, Ricardo Rios Loureço Pereira Jr, Mauro Storch, Micael Geiss
    GoDigital Ltda, Brazil

    Rodrigo Mello
    University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • A Proposal of Prediction and Diagnosis in Grid Computing Self-Healing Problem
    Mariza Ferro
    National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, Brazil

    Antonio Mury, Bruno Schulze
    LNCC, Brazil
  • Middleware integration with SAEMC_GRID portal
    Eugenio Almeida
    Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), Brazil

    Cláudio Baeza Retamal, Rodrigo Delgado Urzúa
    Centro de Modelamiento Matemático (CMM) Universidad de Chile, Chile

    Luiz Henrique Ribeiro Coura da Silva
    INPE/CPTEC, Brazil

1:30PM - 2:30PM

Invited Position Papers

  • A Grid-based Infrastructure for Interoperability of Distributed and Heterogeneous PACS
    Ramon Costa, Alvaro Barbosa, Saulo Bortolon
    Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo - UFES, Brazil

    Bruno Schulze
    LNCC, Brazil
  • UnaGrid: A Virtual Opportunistic Grid Infrastructure for Custom Application Environments
    Mario Villamizar, Eduardo Rosales, Harold Castro, Artur Jiménez
    Universidad de los Andes, Colombia


Submisssion: October 2nd - 2009
Communication to Authors: October 8th - 2009
Camera Ready: October 14th - 2009


The areas of interest in LAGrid 2008 include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyberinfrastructures in Latin America;
  • Impact of Grid technology in Latin America;
  • Applications for Latin America;
  • Middleware solutions for Latin America;
  • Promoting e-Science collaborations in Latin America;
  • Funding models supporting Latin America cyberinfrastructures;
  • Cost-effective solutions for Latin America;
  • Grid economy models for Latin America;
  • Role of Grids in broadening participation in science and education in Latin America.

Submission Format

Authors should submit papers of no more than 6 pages in a two-column format.
The main text must be in 10-point Times, single-spaced. For further information refer to the author guidelines for IEEE CS 8.5 x 11-inch proceedings manuscripts. Authors should submit a PostScript (level 2) or PDF file that will print on a PostScript printer. Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register to the conference and workshop and present the paper. Submitted papers will be reviewed by at least 3 reviewers. Submission is electronic only at https://submissoes.sbc.org.br/home.cgi?c=999.


Workshop Chairs:
Bruno Schulze - LNCC, BR
Antonio Mury - LNCC, BR

Steering Committee:
Bruno Schulze - LNCC, BR
Geoffrey Fox - University of Indiana, US
Michael Stanton - RNP, BR
Radha Nandkumar - NCSA, US

Program Committee

Alfredo Goldman - USP, BR
Antonio Tadeu Azevedo Gomes - LNCC, BR
Ascanio Rojas - ULA, VE
Celso Mendes - University of Illinois, US
Claudio Geyer - UFRGS, BR
David Holmes - FCV, CL
Denise G. Ewald - CESUP-UFRGS, BR
Edmundo Madeira - UNICAMP, BR
Ermanno Pietrosemoli - Universidad de Los Andes, PE
Eugenio Almeida - INPE, BR
Fabio Porto - LNCC, BR
Francisco Brasileiro - UFCG, BR
Geoffrey Fox - Indiana University - Community Grids Lab, US
Harold Castro - Universidad de los Andes, CO
Jack Dongarra - University of Tennessee, US
Javier Diaz - University of La Plata, AR
Jose de Souza - UFC, BR

Kevin Franklin - NCSA - US
Lucia Drummond - Universidade Federal Fluminense, BR
Luis Carlos De Bona - UFPR, BR
Luiz Alberto Nicolaci da Costa - ON, BR
Marco Gutierrez - USP, BR
Micah Beck - University of Tennessee, US
Michel Hurfin - INRIA, FR
Ney Lemke - UNESP, BR
Philippe Navaux - UFRGS, BR
Radha Nandkumar - UIUC-NCSA, US
Rajkumar Buyya - University of Melbourne, AU
Roberto Barbera - Uni. of Catania and INFN, IT
Rodrigo Mello - USP, BR
Rossana Andrade - UFC, BR
S.Masoud Sadjadi - FIU, US
Sergio Kofuji - USP, BR
Vinod Rebello - UFF, BR